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Up Close From a Distance

Michaela_ Sun-kissed and Windswept.jpg
Michaela_ Sun-kissed and Windswept.jpg

"Loneliness is the poverty of the self; solitude is the richness of the self."

                          — May Sarton, American Belgian poet

Michaela: Sun-kissed and Windswept

30" x 40" | Oil on Belgian Linen

A series in which I juxtaposed my art against the pandemic's disheartening impact on day to day life. As social distancing and isolation essentially confined me to my home and my art studio, I used my art to recapture a sense of connection with people outside my household and to address the distress and melancholy I felt from isolation.  The models are individuals whose faces and emotions I know well--friends, children of friends and family.  To show faces and emotions " up close and personal" I have used large canvases.  As a result, the paintings are best viewed from several steps away.  Thus the title:

Up Close From A Distance

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