An Artist's Testament to Her Faith
Unveiled in an Ongoing Series of Paintings 

Carolyn reveals the power of a woman's journey of faith and courage from Biblical times to modern day,

expressed through her own personal history and documented with imaginative realism.


Learn about her motivation to paint the

Strong Women of the Bible . . . and this is just the beginning.

Mark Anderson
Emmy Awards

Video Produced by Emmy Award Winning Storyteller

Mark Anderson of Creative Soul Video

Strong Women of the Bible
Exhibit at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

November 2018



Thank you to Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

for the opportunity to display the

Strong Women of the Bible

exhibit throughout the month of November.


And many thanks to those who attended the presentation on Sunday, November 25th

which was recorded by

Emmy Award winning storyteller,

Mark Anderson of Creative Soul Video.

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Snapshots of the Exhibit 
Mark Anderson, Carrie & Joy

Thank you!

Thank you to Mark Anderson of Creative Soul Video 

for the incredible documentary video of Carrie's 

presentation of November 25th, 2018 at

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. 

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