Carrie's Salon

Invented in 16th century Italy, the salon provided a gathering place for the exchange of ideas, culture, art, literature, sciences and philosophy. Throughout the 17th-19th centuries, salons flourished across Europe, Russia, Latin America and the United States. In the US, the salon experience was introduced by Martha Washington and remained poplular through the 1920's. However, by the 1930's (perhaps because of the Great Depression), they all but disappeared.

In the first quarter of this 21st Century, we are witness to a Realist Art Movement that is gaining traction.  As an Imaginative Realist painter,  I am excited to reintroduce The Salon Experience in my professional art studio.  I am offering  two versions of The Salon Experience; a private / individual,  or small group showing. The private version is for anyone interested in viewing and purchasing my artwork, the group event is to be shared and will be lead by a scholar, poet, author, artist, musician, scientist or philosopher.

The Group Salon Experience began in February of 2020 as a monthly event,  but because of the pandemic we have had to postpone scheduled events and reduce the amount of people in the Salon.  Our first event introduced a local scholar who is  launching two new books this fall.  The response to his lively and engaging discussion was encouraging in addition to having a stimulating environment in which to view and discuss my latest artwork.


These Group Salon Experiences will be limited to 10 people. If you are interested in participating as a speaker,

or as a guest please contact my advocate, Joy Wolfe of Fine Art Advocates, 612-644-0756 or email her at to schedule an in person showing or small group experience.