Sunday at Summit Salon

Poetry Readings, Chamber Music, Book Signings, Inspirational Talks

Each event is limited to 15 people.  

$20/person includes light appetizers, non-alcoholic beverages and 

provides a small stipend to the poet, author, musician or speaker.

Complimentary wine will be available.

476 Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN  55102

Please note: Summit Salon is on the third floor. There is no elevator.

These events were cancelled due to the Corona virus.

Check back for updates.

Nushka Club, St. Paul Winter Carnival
and F. Scott Fitzgerald
Talk by author and scholar, David P. Page
Dave Page is a retired writing and journalism instructor from Inver Hills
Community College. He has written numerous books on F. Scott Fitzgerald
and is considered St. Paul's foremost authority on the famous American 
Sunday, TO BE ANNOUNCED       $20/person
Two Truths and a Lie about Women's Happiness:
Lessons Learned in India While Spending a Month in Silence  
Talk by author and founder of Venerable Women, Dawn Morningstar

This talk reveals hidden gems about the surprising underlying sources of women's happiness -- which can be accessed in simple -- and unusual -- ways. Hundreds of women have changed their relationship with joy by using three effective tools. 


As a personal and professional women's coach for nearly 30 years, Dawn Morningstar has witnessed repeating patterns that prevent women from being authentically happy. She's cracked the code on how women can start experiencing inner and outer happiness the minute they learn this life-changing technique.

Sunday, TO BE ANNOUNCED          $20/person

Reintroducing the

Salon Experience

Invented in 16th century Italy, the salon provided a gathering place for the exchange of ideas, culture, art, literature, sciences and philosophy. Throughout the 17th-19th centuries, salons flourished across Europe, Russia, Latin America and the United States. In the US, the salon experience was introduced by Martha Washington and remained poplular through the 1920's. However, by the 1930's (perhaps because of the Great Depression), they all but disappeared.

In the first quarter of this 21st Century, we are witness to a Realist Art Movement that is gaining traction. As an Imaginative Realist, I am excited to reintroduce The Salon Experience in my professional art studio beginning next month. I will offer two versions of The Salon Experience: one private and one group. The private version is for any person interested in viewing and purchasing my artwork. For a Private Salon Experience, please contact Joy Wolfe of Fine Art Advocates to schedule your Private Salon Experience.

The Group Salon Experience will occur once a month and will be available by invitation only. In addition to a stimulating environment in which to view and discuss my latest artwork in the third floor studio of the Griggs Mansion, we will enjoy food and beverages centered around a topic or theme for discussion. Sometimes this discussion will be lead by a scholar, poet, author, artist, musician, scientist or philosopher. These Group Salon Experiences will be limited to 25 people. If you are interested in participating, please contact Joy Wolfe of Fine Art Advocates

612-644-0756 or email her at

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