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Ancient Stories of Two Mothers

In respect of Mother's Day

Miriam Comforting Yocheved

Oil on Belgian Linen

Work in Progress

Love is unselfishly choosing for another's highest good.

CS Lewis

If there are any heavens my mother will (all by herself) have one

it will not be a pansy heaven

nor a fragile heaven of lilies-of-the-valley

but it will be a heaven of blackred roses

ee Cummings

God could not be everywhere, and therefore (God) made mothers.

Rudyard Kipling

Egyptian Princess

Oil on Canvass

28 x 22 in

Art as an Oasis™

Art as an Oasis is a series of occasional postings from the art of Carrie Kleinberger

providing a temporary respite from both mundane and monumental cares

complimented by words of wisdom from a diversity of others.

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